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My Boots is a game where the floor is lava. There's regular lava too don't worry. Your Boots will keep you protected from the heat but they are too heavy to jump off the ground with so you'll have to leave them behind. You're safe to jump off of walls any which way you'd like but you'll always be out of one pair of boots and into the next.



Arrow Keys - Move

Space - Jump

Esc - Pause

F1 - Settings

Gamepad (Xbox 360)

Analog Stick or D-Pad - Move

A Button - Jump

Start - Pause

Select - Settings

This game was made in GameMaker:Studio in 20 days. Below is a list of the GameMaker specific resources I used to make parts of the game. Hopefully this is helpful for someone.

Shaun Spalding - Youtube

Signs: /watch?v=2f4TiyclXCs

Pause: /watch?v=pXvRcPObUbU

HeartBeast - Youtube

Movement: /watch?v=rFjo7XAAWmo

Gamepad: /watch?v=RvPrPHZeUWc

Zack Bell

Motion Trail: Gamasutra Article

Chris Sanyk

Checkpoint Hover: Article

Art Asset Links


@TheWzzard - Link

Original Tileset (which has been heavily modified)

@ansimuz- Link

Boot Sounds

Tyler 'Clam' McDonald - tylerwilliammcdonald@gmail.com


This is free right?


Why does this look like your first GameMaker game?

That's because it is.

Why can you touch walls if they look like the ground?

I only said the floor was lava.

What's the story here?

A squircle and their boots.

Why can you wall jump with the boots on but you can't jump off the ground with them?

I'm not really sure. It looks funny though so it's okay.

Why aren't there more mechanics?

I decided I wanted to specifically explore the core mechanic of the game, movement. The movement in the game is pretty fun as is. Expect new content added to the game to include brand new mechanics. Each new mechanic would be focused on as much as each element of moving is now.


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